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Lime Production process


WESlime ltd.  factory has been built in 2017. The factory has capacity to produce Lime, Mortar, Briquettes, and Adhesive. In the photo below we are showing how the lime it is produced. We have three main types of limes. Lime as lumps, Lime as powder, and Industrial lime powder. The factory it is equipped with grinding system and huge storing silos for both lumps and powder.

The limestone is transported via loader machine to the feeding bunker, then via feeder transporter from bunker to the upper point of the kiln to start the burning process. The kiln is divided into 3 phases:

Preheating phase: It is the first point in the kiln at which the very hot exhaust gas (its temperature exceeds 1000 ᵒC) is used to preheat the stones.
Burning (Calcination) phase: Calcination reactions usually take place at or above the thermal decomposition temperature of carbonates in limestone which starts at 850 ᵒC to reach 1200 ᵒC and calcium carbonate is converted into calcium oxide “CaO” releasing carbon dioxide gas “CO2” which is removed through waste gas fan. This chemical reaction is called thermal decomposition.
Cooling phase: The cooling is considered the last stage inside the kiln where fresh air is coming directly to the last chamber to cool the lime.
After the cooling stage, the lime is discharged from the kiln then stored in silos via a mechanical conveying system. The produced lime quality, range between 85 – 90 % of CaO content.
The lime can be transferred from the lumps silos to the mill plant via the mechanical conveying system for grinding to produce powdered lime, then stored into powder silo.
The factory has a laboratory equipped with all devices and requirements needed to control the quality of each step of the production process from the limestone examination (physically and chemically) till the finished products and after sales services.
1) The lime product is available as bulk “Lime lumps” (from silo to the truck directly)

2) As Lime Powder product is available as:

    a) directly to the silo trucks,
    b) packed in jumbo bags,
    c) into small bags and packed on pallets through the robot machine.


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